Frequently Asked

How long does it take after ordering to receive an account?

Depending on the package, it can range from same day (premade accounts) to 2-4 days (for custom accounts). If you need it faster, just let us know, and we’ll help you out.

New Accounts have 90-day Guarantee?

Yes they do, all our new accounts will come with a warranty for 90days or until you make your first sale, in case of any random suspension by eBay, you will receive FREE replacement, we will replace at NO Cost!

Why do AGED Accounts DONT Have 30-day Guarantee?

These accounts have been used 90days+ meaning accounts are unique and special, and have gone through a really SPECIFIC Process that has taken us MONTHS to reach said point. We have aged those accounts ourselves over several months and account has been stable and strong all along the way.

How do I withdraw money from your accounts?

If you’re in the United States or Canada, the easiest way to get your money would be to add your own bank and withdraw the money. If you’re outside the United States and Canada, you can send the money to another account and withdraw it or we can custom create a PayPal in your country with the package.

What is Instant Payment Paypal?

Instant Payment refers to a Paypal Account that has the chance of getting the money available without any Holds. A new Paypal account is under Paypal radar WAY MORE than any aged Paypal Account.

What is a No Hold Paypal account?

These are accounts that have PREVIOUS TRANSACTION HISTORY, and they have shown Paypal a good behavior, allowing them to receive payments without them going "On Hold", this accounts are unique and rare to find in the Market. Regardless of that we have them Available, just go ahead and inquire about them.