Do you much about Ebay stealth account for sale?

Ebay is a great source of income for business-minded people. This has indirectly employed many people around the world. However, there are occasions where the account is suspended, as ebay doubts fraudulent sellers. In that case, it becomes important that you try some alternative. One such alternative is an ebay stealth for sale.

What is a stealth account?

For those who don’t have an idea about stealth accounts, it is a deceptive ebay account made by the seller without giving the right data as the seller. You might think what the need for such a thing is, we can create a different account instead. Wait for a minute! The problem here is if you use the same details like your contact details, bank details, address, ebay links it to the previous account. Hence, the result is that ebay suspends all the accounts linked with the same details. Hence, all your efforts will go in vain. To avoid this one has to get a new identity to deceive ebay. Therefore, this is the right place where you can buy ebay stealth account that would be verified and as a result, you can start with your business directly once the previous account is suspended. It is worth the buy.

How to be safe with your stealth account?

Once you buy ebay stealth account it is thereafter important that you were safe it as well from being suspended. Ebay is very strict with such accounts as this ruins their reputation as a platform. Hence, they are professional in tracing out the stealth account. Here are some tips you can use to prevent yourself.

Since the details are different in the stealth account so they aren’t a great way your stealth account hets leaked. However, it can be leaked through the IP. For those who are from a non-technical background, an IP(Internet Protocol), is a number set given to every connection made on the internet. This is the way a computer can be recognized on the web. This IP is unique and hence if you have multiple stealth accounts and you don’t change the IP then ebay will get to know that both the account is being used from the same computer and hence you are using stealth account and get you blocked.

The best way to prevent yourself from this is by using a proxy/VPN. A VPN allows us to set a different IP based on the city we prefer. In that way, ebay cannot track your account.


Ebay is a great way to sell products. TO have continuity is a very critical thing to keep the profits going. In that case, you must prevent your eBay account from being suspended. However not always is that possible. In that case having stealth, the account becomes a very important thing. You can use some different details but to have that verified is a very difficult thing. In that case, it a feasible option that you buy a stealth account and that would help you keep your business going.

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